well what has been so good about your year? that you rave all of a sudden? Lol

Yes! Damn you’ve been paying that much attention to my life to see why its the best year?? Fuck for a quick minute i thought you were living my life….funny

01.Oct.14 2 weeks ago
You should just let Romy be single :)

I should huh? But then again I’m not. So yo bad.

01.Oct.14 2 weeks ago
You're cute and what not but your reputation is just so disgusting that i don't think you will ever find a girl to deal with everything you are. Good luck either way

Funny because my rep has nothing to do with me. “Talking” to a lot of girls means nothing. Just like bitches talk to a bunch of guys but don’t admit it.if all you do is talk to guys, does that make you a hoe? Nah. Not unless you do something with every guy then you’re a hoe. So its visa versa. So next time you want to talk about my “reputation” see who its coming from and what actually happened. But thanks (:

01.Oct.14 2 weeks ago
25.Sep.14 3 weeks ago